Alpha Dream Pheromones

Alpha Dream is a small company that specializes in making products with human pheromones. The company makes use of the finest in high-quality synthetic ingredients some of which are patent pending. All products sold by the company are hand made and they offer a range of pheromone fragrances including: men to women, women to men, men to men, women to women and unisex. For heterosexual males, there are two choices to consider. Alfa Maschio is a bad boy scent designed to show off alpha male qualities to women. While Certo is a good guy formula helping women see you as their hero.

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About: Instead of relying on only one sexual pheromone, Alpha Dream uses multiple sex hormones to make the product more efficient. Sexual pheromones are chemicals that naturally occur in the body. Though many have an odor they actually work on an unconscious level, allowing desire to occur without the male having to take any action and without the female being aware that the pheromone has influenced her attraction. Instead of men having to impress women with their money or looks, a sexual pheromone triggers a reaction in the area of the brain responsible for sexual attraction.

Effectiveness: To test out human pheromones the best test is a small trial. We asked a group of 12 male friends to test out how the product worked over a 2 week period. They reported women initiating more eye contact with them, girls telling them they found them attractive and having women slip them their numbers in clubs, stores, the office and other social settings.

Ease of Use: Instead of heavy oil based fragrances that leave your hands greasy and stain clothes, Alpha Dream is offered in a user-friendly spray bottle. Making it easy to quickly spray on the scent before heading out the door and reapply throughout the day if desired. Simply add 3 or more squirts to the wrist, neck or other major pulse points


• Part of what makes Alpha Dream Pheromones so attractive is their smells. Scented products feature refreshing and pleasant scents such as sandalwood and patchouli that attract women even without the inclusion of pheromones. For ladies alluring scents such as vanilla, jasmine and rose are available. You can also choose unscented formulas to add to a favorite fragrance you already own or just wear unscented for those with allergies.

• Alpha Dream offers a rare 90 day refund policy, allowing males and females plenty of time to test out the products effectiveness.

• Each 1 fluid ounce bottle is priced between $50 to $70. Very reasonable when you consider each bottle has over 400 sprays enough for several months of use.

• Alpha Dream ships their products in discreet padded envelopes and offers free first class shipping.

Potential Negatives:

• As a spray based pheromone, Alpha Dream will not last quite as long as oil based pheromones.

Final Verdict: Products from Alpha Dream are very high-quality and research shows they use higher levels of pheromones than other products on the market. Guys who use the product note how much more often women approach them and tell them how good they smell. Though guys will still have to put in some effort in order to close the deal, Alpha Dream does help with boosting confidence, appearing more attractive to women and breaking the ice.


About david900
Originally named Chikara 7, immediately after the number of pheromone compounds, this item is made up of the 3 new pheromone additive found in most pheromone products: androstenol, androstenone and androsterone, as well as four new components never ever prior to employed in perfumery. The total assured pheromone subject nexus pheromones material per bottle is ten mg. Chikara is good on it is personal, but it may also be combined with other goods, especially those with a lot more androstenone pheramour. This item is also out there in gel packs.

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