Realm For Women

Realm for women, from the design house of Erox was introduced to the public in 1993. The combination of exotic ingredients such as Egyptian Tagetes, Italian Cassia and Sicilian Mandarin are a sense-stimulating experience. Add fresh Water Lilly and Peony, softened by vanilla and honey for the complete experience with scent. However, they do not stop there. The pheromones added are what complete the aroma to produce the attraction. Men will be drawn to the woman wearing Realm.

The pheromones are a naturally occurring scent in humans but when added to perfumes the intensity strengthens. There are three types of naturally occurring pheromones. Androstenone, androsterone and androstenol are all responsible for the scent we produce that attracts the opposite sex. Realm enhances the senses with the use of added human pheromones to enhance the natural ones we possess.

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Lessen the Inhibitions

Realm will create an open, friendly aura that will attract the opposite sex. Increasing the number of people that will start a conversation with you is one of the benefits of using Realm. Tried and tested this aroma has been shown to lessen inhibitions and allow people to be much more talkative and receptive.

Test the performance of Realm for yourself. You will find that not only does it attract men but it will make you feel pretty as well. Projecting a sense of beauty and sensual allure is part of the mystery of how pheromones work but one thing is certain – they do work. An air of oriental mystery is the sense you get from this scent. It is not overpowering. In fact, it is subtle, yet very effective for creating a stir among the male gender.

Women using Realm have reported the number of men who approach them is quite numerous and it can cause a bit of a testosterone battle to see who will get closer. Males can be quite forceful when they think someone is encroaching on their territory, so do not be surprised to see the men throwing a few veiled looks at each other. Blame the pheromones.

Products Available

Realm for women is available in 1.7, 3.3 and 3.4 ounce sizes. There are also gift sets containing perfume and shower gel. They would make the perfect gift or buy it for yourself. You will be glad you did when you see the reactions you get when wearing this sensual scent. The greatest part of all is the perfume is not overpowering. It is so subtle that you will be amazed it can provide the results that you experience.

Experience your innermost feelings of beauty and attractiveness when you purchase and wear Realm by Erox. This is the perfect perfume for enjoying your night out because you will meet more people than ever before. Your personality will shine and the prospects are innumerable. Forget about sitting home by yourself another night and watching all your friends hit the party scene. The sense of freedom and sensuality that you will feel and show are going to make your night one to remember.

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About david900
Originally named Chikara 7, immediately after the number of pheromone compounds, this item is made up of the 3 new pheromone additive found in most pheromone products: androstenol, androstenone and androsterone, as well as four new components never ever prior to employed in perfumery. The total assured pheromone subject nexus pheromones material per bottle is ten mg. Chikara is good on it is personal, but it may also be combined with other goods, especially those with a lot more androstenone pheramour. This item is also out there in gel packs.

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