Perfect Ten Pheromones

This is super power in a bottle! Have you ever wondered which is the strongest pheromone that this world has ever seen, and how you can get your hot little hands on it? The answer to that is Perfect Ten pheromone. Many other companies make the claim that their pheromones are the strongest. However, many of these have been found to be the weakest. Yes, they work all right, but not like Perfect Ten. You should also make not of the fact that Perfect Ten has the highest concentration of pheromone by law. The biggest competitor, also known as Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate, claims that their product is the strongest. Yet, it is thousands of times weaker than Perfect Ten Pheromone. All our competition does is use a tricky way of mathematics to calculate the concentration level, deceiving your brain at the same time.

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Perfect Ten Pheromone contains a guaranteed whopping 6mg of Androstenone, 1mg of Androsterone and 3mg of Androstenol. These are combined with the purest ethanol that is available in order to produce the highest pheromone concentration that can be legally purchased! As a pheromone discount supplier, it was never the intention for us to carry any of the higher-end products. However, after getting so many emails from so many of our customers who kept clamoring for an end-all androstenone/androsterone/androstenol product – here it is – “Perfect Ten”! This carefully balanced and ultra-potent blend comes packaged in a very elegant and classy colored atomizer. You will get the most powerful punch of cologne that is filled with pheromones that is available on today’s market. You can easily carry the atomizer in a coat or pant pocket. This 10ml atomizer is able to produce about 65 pre-measured bursts of powerful, pure pheromones. This is potent stuff! This is an unscented blend, but it can easily be added to any of your favorite perfumes or colognes or it can be sprayed either over or under your cologne. Because it is so expensive to manufacture this product, you must understand that it is non-returnable and non-refundable. The regular price of Perfect Ten Pheromone is $399.99. However, it can be obtained at our supply warehouse for $129.95.

Duration – Along with the 10ml of “perfect Ten” concentrate, a dropper bottle that contains 30ml of base ethanol and a blunt-tipped syringe has been provided for those men who wish to experiment with a variety of effects that are observed when you put on different concentrations. This will allow you to use one single spray and effectively dose you or your whole wardrobe for an entire week, or if you are looking to stretch your dollar, then you can use a lesser concentration and the number of sprays can be stretched to more than 200.

Ease of use – Just one spray will do it. If you see the women mob you, you know that that was too much!

Effectiveness – This is the strongest pheromone that can be legally made. It has shown to be quite effective in attracting the opposite sex.

User experience – One guy puts it this way: “There has been much press about the seductive powers of pheromones. With the Perfect Ten kit, you can create your very own pheromone scent. Everything that you need is included. Have fun! Oh, and remember to be prepared to fight off the ladies.”


About david900
Originally named Chikara 7, immediately after the number of pheromone compounds, this item is made up of the 3 new pheromone additive found in most pheromone products: androstenol, androstenone and androsterone, as well as four new components never ever prior to employed in perfumery. The total assured pheromone subject nexus pheromones material per bottle is ten mg. Chikara is good on it is personal, but it may also be combined with other goods, especially those with a lot more androstenone pheramour. This item is also out there in gel packs.

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