Strongest Pheromones “Explained”

What Are the Strongest Pheromones and How Do They Work 

Men that are seeking to increase their positive experiences with the opposite sex might have noticed there are several sprays and colognes claiming to contain the strongest pheromones on the market. These pheromones, the manufacturers say, have the potential to boost attraction immensely.

This certainly sounds appealing but it does raise a very obvious question: what are pheromones?

What Are They?

Pheromones can be best described as chemicals naturally produced by the body with the intended purpose of attracting the opposite sex. While there are those that assume such chemicals exist only in the animal kingdom, human beings also give off pheromones. Those men with the strongest pheromones will likely be able to be more attractive to the opposite sex. However, the natural process of producing these chemicals is not enough since human beings are thinking and social animals. That said, if the strongest pheromones can be harnessed in a cologne or spray, it is still possible men might very well discover their social endeavors with women improve immensely.

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Not All Pheromones are the Same

Not all of the pheromones available in commercial sprays and colognes are the same. There are two major different types: Androstenone and Androsterone. Questions will arise regarding which of these are the strongest pheromones and the answer to this starts with defining what each individual pheromone does.

Androstenone has been called the Alpha Male pheromone. Women also produce this pheromone although it is more pronounced in men. This pheromone presents a very dominant, sexual, and aggressive component to the person that exudes it. This could definitely draw the attention of others.

Androsterone is very similar to Androstenone in many ways as it has a dominant and aggressive air to it. However, it also can help the person emitting the pheromone to have an aura of peace. This could have the potential to boost attraction levels when thepheromone is detected in the opposite sex.

What are the Strongest Pheromones?

Finding the strongest pheromones can be difficult, The reason is that when you purchase a product that contains pheromones, it is not just the presence of the chemicals that will deliver the results. The quality of the product and the lab process that goes into creating it will play a role in whether or not it will perform as the user expects. However, it is well worth looking for the strongest pheromones in a cologne or spray due to the significant benefits that might be gained.

The Benefits of the Strongest Pheromones

The most obvious benefit would be you improve your potential attractiveness to the opposite sex. You still will need to display traditional social charms but you will get a little extra help from the strongest pheromones.

Your social circle of friends may increase. This does not only include adding more women to your life but you will find your number of male friends might increase as well. This could all be a byproduct of becoming a better and more successful social creature.

Your confidence levels might experience an improvement. How could they not? You are becoming more popular and appealing to other people. This alone will give you quite the added boost to your self-esteem and self-image.

Business endeavors could improve. This is not the prime purpose of using pheromones but when your ability to connect with people on a personal level improves, you will find your connections on a professional level improve as well.

Again, to gain access to these benefits, you will want to invest the time in finding the product with the strongest pheromones. Learn about Pherazone pheromones.


Advantages of Penile Extenders

It is very common for a man to be low in confidence because his penis size is small or even if his penis width is not enough. While most people would not attach much importance to this situation, only a man suffering from such a confidence sapping situation would be able to describe how such situations can result in the other areas of his life suffering. For instance, the lack of confidence due to low penis size often results in a man not being able to talk to people clearly or to even take initiatives at work. Even though the size change that penis traction device can bring about is their main benefit, there are many more advantages that you would reap by using them. Consider the following:

1. Better erections, higher stamina and more satisfaction:

The use of penile extenders results in the size of the penis being increased. However, it is not only the size that increases. Instead, the increase in size would result in you having better erections, lasting longer in bed and, hence, gaining more satisfaction from the whole process.

2. Scientific solution to an age old problem:

Men have been trying to cope with not having a large enough penis for a very long time. It is an age old problem that found a painless and effective solution a few years back. Penile extenders are completely scientific devices that, more often than not, also carry scientific approvals. Their inherent design means that they do not have any side effects as can be seen with other methods such as surgery.

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3. Designed to be extremely comfortable and effective:

The scientific design of these devices means that they are extremely comfortable for a person to wear. In fact, they are so comfortable that the user can go about the majority of his daily routine while wearing them. As you may well already know, the effectiveness ofpenile extenders cannot be questioned as any man wearing one would see a size increment of around 30 percent.

4. Non invasive procedure:

The only other size enlargement process that can compete with a penis traction device in terms of effectiveness is penile surgery. However, as is obvious, penile surgery is an invasive process that can, many times, result in side effects. On the other hand, extenders are non invasive devices that are not only very effective but also very safe.

5. More economical than other penile extension methods:

If you further compare to penile surgery, you will find that the former will turn out to be much more economical than the latter. If it is affordability that you are after, while at the same time not compromising on results, then you should go for extenders.

6. Can fix the problem of tilting:

Owing to the great results that extenders have been giving people, the initial purpose that they were created for has been lost. These devices were initially designed to solve the problem of tilting in men. Even though they can do a lot more now, their initial purpose is still intact.

Best Pheromones Compared

Pheromones, ecto-hormones, love potions. No matter what you want to call them, pheromones have become increasingly popular as a natural and effective way to increase attraction and confidence towards the opposite sex.

Why You Should Use Pheromones

“Love at first sight” may be a highly common cliché, but it happens to be a phenomenon that could be explained by science. While many of us think that this feeling of attraction is a form of magic, it is actually just the hormones doing their job at that particular moment. But what if you can utilize these hormones to make your significant other love you more? Well, that’s what pheromones are for.

Pheromones are natural chemicals released by the human body, usually through sweat. They reach their peak amounts during puberty, and this explains why teenagers easily fall in love with each other right away. They are known to be the body’s love hormones, and they come in three types: androstenone and androstenol, which are both released by males and females, and copulins, which are released only by females.

Since this chemical is effective in generating the spark of attraction between people of the opposite sex, technology has made its extract available for immediate use. You can now utilize the effects of these hormones through synthetically formulated perfumes and scents.

Among the many reasons why you should use pheromones include:

Increase your sociability. You become more appealing to others. If you happen to be shy and socially inept, wearing perfumes with this hormone can assist you in mingling with bigger crowds. Other people would find themselves attracted to your presence, and you no longer have to exert too much effort just to catch their attention.

Boost your sex appeal. These love hormones also make you more attractive to the opposite sex. They have the ability to make you look more beautiful or handsome to someone else’s eyes, particularly to those who have caught your pheromones in the air.

Amplify your sex drive. Aside from increasing sex appeal, pheromones may also change your attitude in bed. They help in making you more aggressive during sexual intercourse, as you get to feel the drive to satisfy your partner better.

You become more vocal. These hormones help get rid of shyness, as you become more comfortable in the company of a bigger crowd. With others accepting your hormones, they become more attentive to your actions.

Increase eye contact. Eye contact is a very important step towards building relationships. Given this, the hormones help in making you more capable of having eye contact especially when starting conversations with other people. Eye contact makes you sincere as a person, and as a result, more people will start liking you.

Synthetic pheromones come in different forms. Female users are more inclined to wear scented pheromones, while males on the other hand are into the unscented types.

If you want to utilize the effects of love hormones it is best that you wear them before going out, like to a club or a party. The crowd will be able to notice your presence once you arrive, and they just won’t help but feel attracted to you.

Wearing hormone-based scents before going out on a date is also recommended, as your partner will find it more comfortable to spend time with you.

Lastly, it is best that you wear these hormones when meeting up with clients in business meetings. They boost not only your appeal; they also make clients feel more interested in doing business with you. This increases your chances of closing deals successfully because you were able to get your clients’ trust.

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Advantages of Human Pheromones

Pheromones are the chemicals that the body uses to communicate with other humans. It is the scent that your body gives off. When it comes to their validity, they have been well known in the animal kingdom for years. It is known for being the secret ingredient that makes different bond and mate. The odors that we acknowledge within the animal kingdom are actually ways in which they connect with one another and mate. It wasn’t until recent years that scientists have come to the conclusion that humans give off the same types of scents.

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Women and men have different scents that people of the opposite sex can smell and are attracted to. All of these scents are very different and will appeal to different kinds of people. It is obvious that everyone does not have the same scent. Depending on other items such as your deodorant, soap, powder and perfume, you will have a very unique smell. This is based upon how these different products interact with your own body’s scent. This interaction will bring about a scent that is uniquely yours.

However, it is known that pheromones can be used to accent your personal scent. This is one of the main benefits of using them to attract the opposite sex. Your scent can be magnified and used as an aphrodisiac. With just a touch, you can learn how to attract the person of your dreams.

Now, don’t assume that you can pour a whole bottle of pheromones on your body and be able to attract everyone in the room. To be quite frank, this is a process that will take a little time and skill to master. Basically, you should only apply a drop to either your skin or clothes. It is advised that you place this drop on your clothes, if you want it to last longer. This is because it will remain there through a few washings, but if you place it on your skin, the heat from the body will make it go faster. Then put your regular cologne on top. In all actuality, it is really hard to smell pheromones like regular cologne. But it is an invisible scent that has a huge attraction to the opposite sex.

If you are a male, the scent will provide a powerful attraction that women cannot resist. But, this does not mean that you should come on strong when meeting women. Let the pheromones work their magic. They will provide the power and you provide the softness. Women love the strong silent type and this powerful combination will surely make them weak in the knees.

If you are a women, you can also use the soft and powerful approach to attract the other sex. Once again, pheromones are a powerful force that is working in the background. It gives your regular cologne the powerful boost that is needed to attract the opposite sex. Now that you have the power, make yourself approachable. If you notice more men giving you the eye, then make it easier for them to approach you. Don’t be shy.

In conclusion, pheromones can be used in combination with your regular cologne to attract members of the opposite sex. Don’t think of it as a tool that can be slathered on your body for the purpose of getting your next date. As a matter of fact, you will only need a small dab on strategically placed spots of your body. It is hard to believe that such a small amount can be so beneficial when it comes to attracting others of the opposite sex. Learn about Liquid Trust: