Alpha Dream Pheromones

Alpha Dream is a small company that specializes in making products with human pheromones. The company makes use of the finest in high-quality synthetic ingredients some of which are patent pending. All products sold by the company are hand made and they offer a range of pheromone fragrances including: men to women, women to men, men to men, women to women and unisex. For heterosexual males, there are two choices to consider. Alfa Maschio is a bad boy scent designed to show off alpha male qualities to women. While Certo is a good guy formula helping women see you as their hero.

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About: Instead of relying on only one sexual pheromone, Alpha Dream uses multiple sex hormones to make the product more efficient. Sexual pheromones are chemicals that naturally occur in the body. Though many have an odor they actually work on an unconscious level, allowing desire to occur without the male having to take any action and without the female being aware that the pheromone has influenced her attraction. Instead of men having to impress women with their money or looks, a sexual pheromone triggers a reaction in the area of the brain responsible for sexual attraction.

Effectiveness: To test out human pheromones the best test is a small trial. We asked a group of 12 male friends to test out how the product worked over a 2 week period. They reported women initiating more eye contact with them, girls telling them they found them attractive and having women slip them their numbers in clubs, stores, the office and other social settings.

Ease of Use: Instead of heavy oil based fragrances that leave your hands greasy and stain clothes, Alpha Dream is offered in a user-friendly spray bottle. Making it easy to quickly spray on the scent before heading out the door and reapply throughout the day if desired. Simply add 3 or more squirts to the wrist, neck or other major pulse points


• Part of what makes Alpha Dream Pheromones so attractive is their smells. Scented products feature refreshing and pleasant scents such as sandalwood and patchouli that attract women even without the inclusion of pheromones. For ladies alluring scents such as vanilla, jasmine and rose are available. You can also choose unscented formulas to add to a favorite fragrance you already own or just wear unscented for those with allergies.

• Alpha Dream offers a rare 90 day refund policy, allowing males and females plenty of time to test out the products effectiveness.

• Each 1 fluid ounce bottle is priced between $50 to $70. Very reasonable when you consider each bottle has over 400 sprays enough for several months of use.

• Alpha Dream ships their products in discreet padded envelopes and offers free first class shipping.

Potential Negatives:

• As a spray based pheromone, Alpha Dream will not last quite as long as oil based pheromones.

Final Verdict: Products from Alpha Dream are very high-quality and research shows they use higher levels of pheromones than other products on the market. Guys who use the product note how much more often women approach them and tell them how good they smell. Though guys will still have to put in some effort in order to close the deal, Alpha Dream does help with boosting confidence, appearing more attractive to women and breaking the ice.


Perfect Ten Pheromones

This is super power in a bottle! Have you ever wondered which is the strongest pheromone that this world has ever seen, and how you can get your hot little hands on it? The answer to that is Perfect Ten pheromone. Many other companies make the claim that their pheromones are the strongest. However, many of these have been found to be the weakest. Yes, they work all right, but not like Perfect Ten. You should also make not of the fact that Perfect Ten has the highest concentration of pheromone by law. The biggest competitor, also known as Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate, claims that their product is the strongest. Yet, it is thousands of times weaker than Perfect Ten Pheromone. All our competition does is use a tricky way of mathematics to calculate the concentration level, deceiving your brain at the same time.

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Perfect Ten Pheromone contains a guaranteed whopping 6mg of Androstenone, 1mg of Androsterone and 3mg of Androstenol. These are combined with the purest ethanol that is available in order to produce the highest pheromone concentration that can be legally purchased! As a pheromone discount supplier, it was never the intention for us to carry any of the higher-end products. However, after getting so many emails from so many of our customers who kept clamoring for an end-all androstenone/androsterone/androstenol product – here it is – “Perfect Ten”! This carefully balanced and ultra-potent blend comes packaged in a very elegant and classy colored atomizer. You will get the most powerful punch of cologne that is filled with pheromones that is available on today’s market. You can easily carry the atomizer in a coat or pant pocket. This 10ml atomizer is able to produce about 65 pre-measured bursts of powerful, pure pheromones. This is potent stuff! This is an unscented blend, but it can easily be added to any of your favorite perfumes or colognes or it can be sprayed either over or under your cologne. Because it is so expensive to manufacture this product, you must understand that it is non-returnable and non-refundable. The regular price of Perfect Ten Pheromone is $399.99. However, it can be obtained at our supply warehouse for $129.95.

Duration – Along with the 10ml of “perfect Ten” concentrate, a dropper bottle that contains 30ml of base ethanol and a blunt-tipped syringe has been provided for those men who wish to experiment with a variety of effects that are observed when you put on different concentrations. This will allow you to use one single spray and effectively dose you or your whole wardrobe for an entire week, or if you are looking to stretch your dollar, then you can use a lesser concentration and the number of sprays can be stretched to more than 200.

Ease of use – Just one spray will do it. If you see the women mob you, you know that that was too much!

Effectiveness – This is the strongest pheromone that can be legally made. It has shown to be quite effective in attracting the opposite sex.

User experience – One guy puts it this way: “There has been much press about the seductive powers of pheromones. With the Perfect Ten kit, you can create your very own pheromone scent. Everything that you need is included. Have fun! Oh, and remember to be prepared to fight off the ladies.”

Realm For Women

Realm for women, from the design house of Erox was introduced to the public in 1993. The combination of exotic ingredients such as Egyptian Tagetes, Italian Cassia and Sicilian Mandarin are a sense-stimulating experience. Add fresh Water Lilly and Peony, softened by vanilla and honey for the complete experience with scent. However, they do not stop there. The pheromones added are what complete the aroma to produce the attraction. Men will be drawn to the woman wearing Realm.

The pheromones are a naturally occurring scent in humans but when added to perfumes the intensity strengthens. There are three types of naturally occurring pheromones. Androstenone, androsterone and androstenol are all responsible for the scent we produce that attracts the opposite sex. Realm enhances the senses with the use of added human pheromones to enhance the natural ones we possess.

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Lessen the Inhibitions

Realm will create an open, friendly aura that will attract the opposite sex. Increasing the number of people that will start a conversation with you is one of the benefits of using Realm. Tried and tested this aroma has been shown to lessen inhibitions and allow people to be much more talkative and receptive.

Test the performance of Realm for yourself. You will find that not only does it attract men but it will make you feel pretty as well. Projecting a sense of beauty and sensual allure is part of the mystery of how pheromones work but one thing is certain – they do work. An air of oriental mystery is the sense you get from this scent. It is not overpowering. In fact, it is subtle, yet very effective for creating a stir among the male gender.

Women using Realm have reported the number of men who approach them is quite numerous and it can cause a bit of a testosterone battle to see who will get closer. Males can be quite forceful when they think someone is encroaching on their territory, so do not be surprised to see the men throwing a few veiled looks at each other. Blame the pheromones.

Products Available

Realm for women is available in 1.7, 3.3 and 3.4 ounce sizes. There are also gift sets containing perfume and shower gel. They would make the perfect gift or buy it for yourself. You will be glad you did when you see the reactions you get when wearing this sensual scent. The greatest part of all is the perfume is not overpowering. It is so subtle that you will be amazed it can provide the results that you experience.

Experience your innermost feelings of beauty and attractiveness when you purchase and wear Realm by Erox. This is the perfect perfume for enjoying your night out because you will meet more people than ever before. Your personality will shine and the prospects are innumerable. Forget about sitting home by yourself another night and watching all your friends hit the party scene. The sense of freedom and sensuality that you will feel and show are going to make your night one to remember.

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Scent of Eros For Women

A man by the name of James V. Kohl created the Scent of Eros for women. He is al;so the author of another perfume know as the Scent of Eros. Kohl is best known for being a pheromone researcher.

Review – The Scent of Eros for women comes premixed with a fragrance that is floral and light in nature. It is easily carried in a purse because of its roll-top bottle. The Scent of Eros is a great perfume to add to your arsenal if you are new to pheromones. This particular product line, just like its male counterpart, is just about the most mature, oldest and well known product line that is currently available. The Scent of Eros for today’s women will not disappoint. The Scent of Eros for Women is composed of two main human pheromones. First of all, it contains the human pheromone Androstenol as well as a very unique feminine pheromone called Copulins. Androstenol is characterized as being a social pheromone. When one comes into contact with this pheromone it signals the following: a sense of youth and vigor, chattiness, relaxation and friendliness. It is much easier for a person to enter into a conversation when being exposed to Androstenol. It makes a terrific ice breaker.

The second key human pheromone that is to be found in the Scent of Eros for Women is Copulins. This is the female equivalent of the pheromone Androstenol. This is geared toward the male population as a sexual attractant. What does all of this mean? The Androstenol that composes part of the Scent of Eros for Women will tend to make men feel more relaxed and friendly as well as talkative around a woman who is wearing this perfume. Then when the man is exposed to the Copulins, the woman sends out the signal that she is ready to go! As the testosterone levels begin to rise in the male because of this exposure, the woman is seen as more desirable. If she had not been wearing this perfume, this situation may never have occurred.

Duration- The Scent of Eros for Women will last approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Ease of use – The perfume comes in a 10 ml bottle. There is supposed to be a guaranteed 5 mg of pheromone content is every bottle. For easy application it has a roll-top bottle.

Effectiveness – The women who have used this perfume have attracted men like bees to honey! There were approximately nine out of ten men who responded positively to this perfume.

User experience – One woman wished to test out the Scent of Eros for Women so she applied a generous application to the back of her ears and to each wrist. She and a friend then went to the Mall. The smell of the perfume is pleasant and sweet. Since the woman was experiencing some hunger pangs she and her friend got into the line at Subway. There were also a number of men in this line that ranged anywhere in age from 18 to 30. After waiting in that line, she felt that she was getting some rather intense stares from many of the men. Some men were a little turned on, some tried to act with discretion while others just plain ogled her. Herr girlfriend was standing right next to her and did not turn a single head!

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Strongest Pheromones “Explained”

What Are the Strongest Pheromones and How Do They Work 

Men that are seeking to increase their positive experiences with the opposite sex might have noticed there are several sprays and colognes claiming to contain the strongest pheromones on the market. These pheromones, the manufacturers say, have the potential to boost attraction immensely.

This certainly sounds appealing but it does raise a very obvious question: what are pheromones?

What Are They?

Pheromones can be best described as chemicals naturally produced by the body with the intended purpose of attracting the opposite sex. While there are those that assume such chemicals exist only in the animal kingdom, human beings also give off pheromones. Those men with the strongest pheromones will likely be able to be more attractive to the opposite sex. However, the natural process of producing these chemicals is not enough since human beings are thinking and social animals. That said, if the strongest pheromones can be harnessed in a cologne or spray, it is still possible men might very well discover their social endeavors with women improve immensely.

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Not All Pheromones are the Same

Not all of the pheromones available in commercial sprays and colognes are the same. There are two major different types: Androstenone and Androsterone. Questions will arise regarding which of these are the strongest pheromones and the answer to this starts with defining what each individual pheromone does.

Androstenone has been called the Alpha Male pheromone. Women also produce this pheromone although it is more pronounced in men. This pheromone presents a very dominant, sexual, and aggressive component to the person that exudes it. This could definitely draw the attention of others.

Androsterone is very similar to Androstenone in many ways as it has a dominant and aggressive air to it. However, it also can help the person emitting the pheromone to have an aura of peace. This could have the potential to boost attraction levels when thepheromone is detected in the opposite sex.

What are the Strongest Pheromones?

Finding the strongest pheromones can be difficult, The reason is that when you purchase a product that contains pheromones, it is not just the presence of the chemicals that will deliver the results. The quality of the product and the lab process that goes into creating it will play a role in whether or not it will perform as the user expects. However, it is well worth looking for the strongest pheromones in a cologne or spray due to the significant benefits that might be gained.

The Benefits of the Strongest Pheromones

The most obvious benefit would be you improve your potential attractiveness to the opposite sex. You still will need to display traditional social charms but you will get a little extra help from the strongest pheromones.

Your social circle of friends may increase. This does not only include adding more women to your life but you will find your number of male friends might increase as well. This could all be a byproduct of becoming a better and more successful social creature.

Your confidence levels might experience an improvement. How could they not? You are becoming more popular and appealing to other people. This alone will give you quite the added boost to your self-esteem and self-image.

Business endeavors could improve. This is not the prime purpose of using pheromones but when your ability to connect with people on a personal level improves, you will find your connections on a professional level improve as well.

Again, to gain access to these benefits, you will want to invest the time in finding the product with the strongest pheromones. Learn about Pherazone pheromones.

Advantages of Penile Extenders

It is very common for a man to be low in confidence because his penis size is small or even if his penis width is not enough. While most people would not attach much importance to this situation, only a man suffering from such a confidence sapping situation would be able to describe how such situations can result in the other areas of his life suffering. For instance, the lack of confidence due to low penis size often results in a man not being able to talk to people clearly or to even take initiatives at work. Even though the size change that penis traction device can bring about is their main benefit, there are many more advantages that you would reap by using them. Consider the following:

1. Better erections, higher stamina and more satisfaction:

The use of penile extenders results in the size of the penis being increased. However, it is not only the size that increases. Instead, the increase in size would result in you having better erections, lasting longer in bed and, hence, gaining more satisfaction from the whole process.

2. Scientific solution to an age old problem:

Men have been trying to cope with not having a large enough penis for a very long time. It is an age old problem that found a painless and effective solution a few years back. Penile extenders are completely scientific devices that, more often than not, also carry scientific approvals. Their inherent design means that they do not have any side effects as can be seen with other methods such as surgery.

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3. Designed to be extremely comfortable and effective:

The scientific design of these devices means that they are extremely comfortable for a person to wear. In fact, they are so comfortable that the user can go about the majority of his daily routine while wearing them. As you may well already know, the effectiveness ofpenile extenders cannot be questioned as any man wearing one would see a size increment of around 30 percent.

4. Non invasive procedure:

The only other size enlargement process that can compete with a penis traction device in terms of effectiveness is penile surgery. However, as is obvious, penile surgery is an invasive process that can, many times, result in side effects. On the other hand, extenders are non invasive devices that are not only very effective but also very safe.

5. More economical than other penile extension methods:

If you further compare to penile surgery, you will find that the former will turn out to be much more economical than the latter. If it is affordability that you are after, while at the same time not compromising on results, then you should go for extenders.

6. Can fix the problem of tilting:

Owing to the great results that extenders have been giving people, the initial purpose that they were created for has been lost. These devices were initially designed to solve the problem of tilting in men. Even though they can do a lot more now, their initial purpose is still intact.

Best Pheromones Compared

Pheromones, ecto-hormones, love potions. No matter what you want to call them, pheromones have become increasingly popular as a natural and effective way to increase attraction and confidence towards the opposite sex.

Why You Should Use Pheromones

“Love at first sight” may be a highly common cliché, but it happens to be a phenomenon that could be explained by science. While many of us think that this feeling of attraction is a form of magic, it is actually just the hormones doing their job at that particular moment. But what if you can utilize these hormones to make your significant other love you more? Well, that’s what pheromones are for.

Pheromones are natural chemicals released by the human body, usually through sweat. They reach their peak amounts during puberty, and this explains why teenagers easily fall in love with each other right away. They are known to be the body’s love hormones, and they come in three types: androstenone and androstenol, which are both released by males and females, and copulins, which are released only by females.

Since this chemical is effective in generating the spark of attraction between people of the opposite sex, technology has made its extract available for immediate use. You can now utilize the effects of these hormones through synthetically formulated perfumes and scents.

Among the many reasons why you should use pheromones include:

Increase your sociability. You become more appealing to others. If you happen to be shy and socially inept, wearing perfumes with this hormone can assist you in mingling with bigger crowds. Other people would find themselves attracted to your presence, and you no longer have to exert too much effort just to catch their attention.

Boost your sex appeal. These love hormones also make you more attractive to the opposite sex. They have the ability to make you look more beautiful or handsome to someone else’s eyes, particularly to those who have caught your pheromones in the air.

Amplify your sex drive. Aside from increasing sex appeal, pheromones may also change your attitude in bed. They help in making you more aggressive during sexual intercourse, as you get to feel the drive to satisfy your partner better.

You become more vocal. These hormones help get rid of shyness, as you become more comfortable in the company of a bigger crowd. With others accepting your hormones, they become more attentive to your actions.

Increase eye contact. Eye contact is a very important step towards building relationships. Given this, the hormones help in making you more capable of having eye contact especially when starting conversations with other people. Eye contact makes you sincere as a person, and as a result, more people will start liking you.

Synthetic pheromones come in different forms. Female users are more inclined to wear scented pheromones, while males on the other hand are into the unscented types.

If you want to utilize the effects of love hormones it is best that you wear them before going out, like to a club or a party. The crowd will be able to notice your presence once you arrive, and they just won’t help but feel attracted to you.

Wearing hormone-based scents before going out on a date is also recommended, as your partner will find it more comfortable to spend time with you.

Lastly, it is best that you wear these hormones when meeting up with clients in business meetings. They boost not only your appeal; they also make clients feel more interested in doing business with you. This increases your chances of closing deals successfully because you were able to get your clients’ trust.

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